Hi, I am Sally!

It is so nice to finally meet you....well kind of. I'm a lover of dogs, adventure, ice cream, thrifting, and genuine emotion. You can usually find me scouring a local thrift store or playing with my puppy, Gus, when I'm not shooting. I look forward to meeting you face to face soon!

From a young age, I had fallen in love with cameras and taking photos. I would steal my father's crop sensor camera until they finally gifted my my own point & shoot camera. Often times, I would spend my day walking around my childhood yard taking pictures of whatever I could find. I had fallen in love with the idea of freezing a single moment in time & keeping it forever.

I have always been an adventurous soul. I am constantly yearning for the next adventure. Once one vacation ends, I'm always asking "What's next?!" It only made sense to combine my two true passions.

I fully believe photographs should evoke a memory and be true to you. I want to make memories with you and tailor to your story. I want to hear what makes you and your loved ones unique! Let's go on an adventure! We can hike to a waterfall, swim fully clothed, or simply take photos over a beautiful picnic. Let's document your story through photographs.

Things I am Proud Of