The Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions About Eloping

We have completely redefined the meaning of elopements. They have simply changed. That is why there are tons of misconceptions about what exactly an elopement is and how an elopement should go. That's the great thing about elopements, you get to throw out any expectations and make your own rules. I've broken down the most common myths and misconceptions of eloping and why they're completely wrong.

Redefining Elopements

First of all, what is an elopement? The idea of eloping has changed dramatically over the last decade or so. Let's redefine it.

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word elopement?

The idea of a drunken night ending in running off to Vegas and being married in a little chapel by Elvis? Or secretly getting hitched despite disapproving parents? This is not your grandmother's elopement. It's no longer a quickie wedding to get hitched. It's a choice that couples make to be more intentional about their wedding days.

Most of my couples start planning their elopements 6-8 months in advance. Just like ordinary wedding planning you get to pick out your dress with friends, taste test the cakes, pick out the song for your first dance. You still get to make your day special. You just won't have to worry about putting on a production for people you barely have a relationship with. Instead, you get to focus on each other and what really matters on your wedding day: getting married to the love of your life.

Now that we've clarified what an elopement is, let's get to busting the rest of these myths.

Myth #1 - You're Selfish for Eloping

No, just no. This is a huge misconception about eloping that needs to change. I've heard stories from couples about their parents wanting to invite a ton of people & telling the couple getting married that it is "not all about them" - but actually, it is. Your wedding day is the one day that is truly 100% about what you and your partner want. Your wedding day is supposed to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. You deserve the day you want. it is not selfish. It is making the day special for yourself. Do not fall into the trap of believing your wedding day is for anyone else but you and the love of your life.

Myth #2 - You Only Elope to Save Money

This is another big misconception about elopements. It's true eloping can end up saving you money, but that's not the point of it. When you choose to elope, your budget doesn't have to shrink. It is just about investing in an experience of a lifetime rather than using that same money to put on a people-pleasing production. Your elopement is more than just signing the marriage license. It is about the whole day. Use your money to make your day the experience you will never forget. There are tons of fun adventures to incorporate into your day. Book a helicopter tour, hire a private chef for an epic private dinner, go horseback riding, have your first dance over a cozy campfire, go on the hike of your dreams. The options are truly endless. There are so many options to make your day unforgettable, so make your day truly unforgettable.

Myth #3 - Eloping Isn't as Special as a Traditional Wedding

Either way, at the end of the day you are married. In both cases it is your wedding day. This in itself means that both are equally as special. Eloping is just as special, if not more special, than any traditional wedding. By choosing to elope, you are choosing to completely tailor a day that is authentic to the two of you. Many times when planning a big traditional wedding, you become so influenced by other peoples' opinions and it ends up being more about what everyone else wants than what you want. When you elope, you're not spending your time trying to cater to other peoples' needs on your day. You're choosing to focus on what's most important to you and that is the most special thing there is.

Myth #4 -You Don't Have Any Time to Plan

Don't panic! Just because you want to elope doesn't mean you have to throw it together in a week. In the past, eloping may have meant a quickie wedding but today most couples actually start planning 8-6 months in advance if not longer. You can still take your time to enjoy your engagement, enjoy the moments where you pick out your dress for the day, celebrate with family and friends, etc. Have fun planning your day! The misconception that your elopement is only an elopement if it's thrown together at the last minute is an old and outdated one. Take the time to plan your day to make it what you want it to be.

Myth #5 - An Elopement Has to be Just the Two of You

There term elopement has evolved quite a bit over the recent years to the point where it basically no longer means what it started out as. An elopement can basically be anything you want. If you want to include a small number of people who matter to you in your elopement day, then do it. Often times, if you choose to include a few family members or some close friends, it is referred to as an intimate wedding interchangeably . You can still have the intimate feel of an elopement day while including those who matter to you.

Forget about what anyone else says! Ready to get started planning your elopement? Reach out now!